Washington Post Denies Working On Story Of President Obama And Beyonce's Alleged Affair

News & Views | Admin | 02/11/2014 | 11:30 AM EST

Washington Post denies any connection to a story about an alleged affair between president Obama and Beyoncé

The Internet buzzed yesterday with the ridiculous rumor that president Obama and Beyoncé were having an alleged affair. Memes were instantly created, jokes were made and Bey was inevitably compared to Marilyn Monroe.

According to a report in French newspaper le Figaro, a French photographer claimed the Washington Post was working on an exposé piece that would reveal the alleged affair between the biggest pop star and the leader of the free world. However, a spokesperson for the Washington Post denies the paper is working on an article of this kind.

During a radio interview the photographer said:

"You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening,” Pascal Rostann allegedly said. “Anyway, it'll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post -- we cannot say that it is the gutter press -- [a story about] an alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé. I can assure you that the world will be talking about it."

Washington Post
spokesperson Kris Coratti told Poynter the claims are absolutely not true.

"That’s definitely not true. I can tell you that this is wrong,” Coratti also reportedly told Vanity Fair France. "The Washington Post does not prepare articles like this.”

As far fetched as the allegations are Twitter still had a field day with images like this and this.

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