Pebbelz Da Model Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Buttocks Injection Case

News & Views | Stacy M. Allen | 02/04/2014 | 10:45 AM EST

The model faces up to 20 years behind bars for a dangerous procedure that went terribly wrong

A “model” known for her posterior now faces up to 20 years in a case of buttocks injections gone wrong. Natasha Stewart, better known as Pebbelz Da Model, was found guilty of manslaughter stemming from a referral she gave to a woman for silicone buttocks injections that lead to her death.

According to the evidence presented at trial, Stewart, an adult entertainer, took $200 for referring 37-year-old Karima Gordon of Atlanta to an injector she falsely represented was a nurse. A doctor testified Gordon died in March 2012 due to silicone embolisms in her lungs.  

Stewart took the stand in her defense and testified that she was merely trying to help an insecure woman by arranging for her to get silicone buttocks injections. Emails introduced at trial showed Gordon was persistently contacted Stewart about her desire to get buttocks injections beginning in 2010.  

Gordon’s friend, Anglean Barber, testified that she and Gordon both wanted the same buttocks enhancements as Stewart with hopes of becoming hip-hop industry models. Barber flew with Gordon to New York to meet Stewart in a club where she was hosting a party and Stewart referred them to Tracey Lynn Garner. The two later drove to Garner’s house in Jackson, Mississippi and both planned to get injections, but Barber backed out because she was unsettled by Garner’s appearance. Gordon proceeded with the injections and immediately got sick. She died eight days later in a Georgia Hospital.

Stewart claimed she believed Garner was a nurse and had gotten injections herself more than twenty times in seven years.  However, prosecutors countered that no one would be dumb enough to think Garner was a nurse when she used veterinary syringes and sealed injection sites with cotton balls and glue.  Apparently, the jury did not buy Stewart’s testimony.  Stewart was found guilty of culpable negligent manslaughter and conspiracy to commit culpable negligent manslaughter, which under Mississippi law is described as wanton disregard of, or utter indifference to, the safety of human life. Each charge carries of maximum sentence of 20 years.  Stewart escaped life in prison with the jury finding her not guilty of murder. 

The sentencing date for Stewart has not been set. Garner will face charges of depraved heart murder in the deaths of Gordon and another woman in March.

Stacy M. Allen, Attorney at Law (@SMAllen_Esq)

(Photo: Rogelio V. Solis/AP Photo)

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