Metta World Peace Calls Out Larry Holmes

News & Views | Camille Travis | 01/21/2014 | 01:00 PM EST

The Lakers star is living up to his moniker to spread peace and love

What good would Metta World Peace's name be if he wasn't dedicated to keeping, well, the peace? His recent rant aimed toward Larry Holmes attempts to encourage the support of fellow Black athletes.

The situation began with a sound bite from the boxing legend in which he ridiculed Mayweather for his excessive spending habits. Yes, this all coming from the same Larry Holmes who blew through millions of dollars himself.

In an interview with Sky Sports Ringside, he said:

"The story with Mayweather interests me more than his fighting, because he is crazy. He is crazy rich. If I could made $45 million in one day, I would have been the nicest guy in the world. [...] Money ain't got no friends. Money will go with you and be with him in the morning, and go with her and him and might even get to my pocket! Money don't have no friends. When people got money, their eyes see things that they don't need ... like Mayweather and even like Larry Holmes even. I had five Rolls Royces, I had 27 cars. I had a bus, a 49-seat bus for all of my friends to got to Atlantic City to gamble, hang out and party. Did I need any of that? No."

When Peace caught wind of Holmes' thoughts, he took to Twitter to defend Mayweather and promote a larger conversation among athletes, as well as our community. He stated:

"Somebody tell Larry Holmes to call his brother directly rather than bring him. Our community was not fortunate to have finance savvy parents. This is the reason y [sic] we lost so much ... However, as we become smarter, we save more. Larry Holmes should never call Out another product of slave in public. If you look at Floyd's upbringing, it was not easy. So no matter what happens Larry, he has tried hard to have a positive life. Larry, look at Mike Tyson's career. And look at his upbringing. Name one financial savvy person in Brownsville that was in his corner?.. With that said, instead of guys like Larry [Holmes] bringing down , he should uplift the ghettos. I am free to debate if you want Larry Holmes ... People like Larry should be retrieving lost and burnt Black history n Black History books rather than bringing down Black Legends."

Which side do you agree with-- Holmes' argument of Mayweather's overspending or Peace's plea to educate future generations? Sound off!

(Photo: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

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