Mandela On Life Support, Faces 'Impending Death'

News & Views | By Camille Travis | 07/05/2013 | 08:43 AM EDT

South Africa president's health classified as 'perilous'

Nelson Mandela's health is said to be "perilous" as the former South Africa president is being kept alive by a breathing machine, reports The Associated Press.

This latest development comes out of recent documents filed in the court case that resulted in the remains of his three deceased children being reburied Thursday in their original graves. The urgency to get the bodies back was with knowledge that Mandela will soon die.

"The anticipation of his impending death is based on real and substantial grounds," stated the court filing.

On Thursday, the South African presidency denied a report that Mandela was in a "permanent vegetative state," instead reaffirming that he remains in a critical but stable condition.

Mandela has been hospitalized since June 8 for a recurring lung infection.

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