Tyra Banks Says Every Woman Should Have 'F**k You' Money

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/18/2015 | 02:30 PM EST

Model turned Harvard Business grad has sound financial advice

Tyra Banks has a message for all you ladies out there: get your money honey!

The model turned businesswoman says she believes all women should be independent and have their own--or as she calls it, "f**k you money."

Banks tells Glamour she was inspired by her mom's past when she founded her direct sales company, Tyra Beauty

"My mom stayed with my dad for too long because of financial reasons. If she'd just had a little side hustle, a little of her own money, she would have left," she said.

"So I encourage women to have what I call 'F.U.' money.… A lot of my passion for this business comes from that."

"My mom also said, 'Plan for the end at the beginning...Have a plan before it stops.' Be like a boxer who's like, 'This is my last one—pow,'" the Harvard Business School graduate added.

We couldn't agree more.

(Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for NYLON)

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