New Online Service Will Break Up With Your Bae For You

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 11/17/2015 | 11:30 AM EST

(Photo: Tom Grill/Blend Images/Corbis)

Website handles breakups, Olivia Pope style

Looking for a less painful way to call it quits with your significant other? A new online service promises to handle that for you--Olivia Pope style.

For just $10, The Breakup Shop will send your soon-to-be ex a text message informing them that they've got the axe. If you want to do it in a more formal manner, you'll have to pay a little extra. A phone call will run you $29 (lasts one minute), while a custom letter is $30.

The website promises to “handle the messy work of the breakup” for you so you don't have to. 

Other services include a rush phone call within 24 hours ($10 extra) and a "Breakup Gift Pack" worth $80. The gift pack includes a Blu-ray copy of The Notebook or a Call of Duty: Ghosts video game, a $30 Netflix gift card, a box of Chips Ahoy! cookies and a “handcrafted sympathy letter for the recently single.”

No joke.

While we're not exactly sure whether such a service gets the approval from the school of etiquette, it's a unique business idea to say the least.

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