Kicking Ass In The Boardroom After Giving Birth

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 08/20/2015 | 09:00 AM EDT

‘Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business’ - Beyoncé

Let’s face it, every working mom can’t be like Beyoncé. She makes it look incredibly easy styling and profiling, all while making business moves with Baby Blue in tow.

But just because you may not have the privileges that come with being entertainment’s hardest-working diva doesn’t mean you, too, can’t kick ass in the boardroom. Queen Bey said it best herself that women are, “strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.”

Unfortunately America has one of the worst maternal leave policies in the world. Most companies don’t offer much paid maternal leave while others don’t provide it at all, leaving new moms to handle the pressure of juggling spreadsheets and a newborn baby on their own terms. While the adjustment tends to be a difficult one, it’s not entirely impossible.

We at Centric want you to know that as a woman there’s nothing you can’t do, including being the best mom you can be and yet continue to hold things down in the office. So if you’re an expecting mom or new mom ready to get back to the swing of things, here’s our guide on how to kick ass after giving birth to your beautiful bundle of joy.

Working Moms Have More Successful Daughters, Caring Sons

Get Rid of Mommy Guilt.

The first thing every working mom needs to do before returning to work is to get rid of the mommy guilt. Leaving your child in the care of someone else while you’re working often makes a mom feel like a bad parent. By not being at their side at every moment, you may feel like you’re missing out on precious time that can’t be relived. While some of that may be very true, it’s important to separate your selfish reasons for not wanting to leave your child and focus more on the selfless part. Going back to work is for the benefit of your child. You’re making a living in order to financially provide for them. It may feel bad at first, but believe us it’ll all be worth it in the end, particularly when you have that cute account set up for their college tuition!

Leave Mommy Duties At The Door.

While it may seem nearly impossible not to wear your mommy hat at the office, unfortunately in these male-dominated work spaces women, particularly mothers, are heavily judged. Men often see motherhood as a handicap and, as a result, treat them differently in the boardroom. For many women it gets in the way of being promoted.  Men in the workforce may even treat you with less respect or coddle you out of pity you don’t deserve nor asked for. To avoid the loaded stereotypes, learn to leave home duties at home and keep your game face on at work. Show the boys that you can hang with the best of them and the title of “mommy” isn’t going to slow you down. They’ll have no choice but to respect you for it. Separation of home and work is also great for your mental state. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself worrying about your baby back at home (who’s in the trusted care of a loved one or caretaker) when you should be executing your to-do list at work. Do what you have to do at the office and home will be right there when you return.


Just because you’re a career woman doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore motherhood. When there’s time for a break bust out your smartphone and video chat with your caregiver so that you can see your baby’s face. Who needs lunch when you have the image of your child's face to fill you with the motivation needed to get through the work day.

Look Into Flextime.

Many companies these days offer flextime, in which employees are able to work from home or come in the office at more flexible hours. While this is certainly no issue for supervisors and executives, employees may want to look into their company's policies to see if you can somewhat make your schedule work for you and your motherly duties. You don’t have to abuse its privileges, but certainly take advantage of it when you can. Even Superwoman needs to slow down and switch strategies from time to time.

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