Apple Can Now Track Your Sex Activity

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 06/11/2015 | 02:00 PM EDT

iPhone to feature new sex-tracking feature

Apple is now in the sex business---well, sort of.

The tech company added a “Reproductive Health” feature to the iPhone’s pre-installed Health app that will give users the ability to track all of their sexcapades.


Within the “Sexual Activity” menu, users will also have the option to check whether or not protection was used, as well as note the time and date of when you engaged in sexual activity.

The sex-tracker is part of a larger program included in the iOS9 update that provides women with the ability to monitor their ovulation cycle, something that was previously missing from Apple’s HealthKit app, reports the New York Post.

The new features will be made available when the latest operating system is released this fall.

Some of you Android users may want to move over to Team iPhone...or maybe not.

(Photo: Wavebreak Media LTD/Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis)

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