Would You Hire A Bridesmaid For Your Wedding?

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 05/14/2015 | 03:00 PM EDT

'Bridesmaid For Hire' provides unique service for brides-to-be

Planning a wedding can be stressful for any bride-to-be, particularly if you don’t have the right support around you.

Typically it’s the duty of the bridesmaid to make sure all of the bride’s needs are met and that the experience--from the bridal shower to the ceremony--is an enjoyable one. But in the case that one doesn’t have a viable candidate up for the challenge, one business provides that service for you.


Bridesmaid For Hire promises to “transform your wedding party and to-do list--either virtually, behind the scenes, or up there with you on the altar.”

Founder, Jen Glantz, considers herself a professional bridesmaids, having been held the coveted title for six weddings by 26. Her expertise gave her the clever idea to turn her know-how into a business--one that would relieve anxious brides.

In addition to handling the logistics, Glantz, unlike a wedding planning, provides emotional support and reminders on things like stretching out your shoes for the big day. The business service also handle speech writing for the ultimate sappy vow, style advice and even dance tips.

Though the business is stationed in New York City, Glantz said she’ll travel wherever the bride-in-need is located--for a fee of course.

Interesting business idea if you ask us.

Would you hire a bridesmaid service if your friends couldn’t step up to the plate? Sound off.

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