Baby Biz Moms: Celebs Turning Motherhood Into Dollars

News & Views | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 05/08/2015 | 04:00 PM EDT

Centric salutes women who made 'mommy' titles into profit margins

There’s nothing like a woman who doesn’t allow motherhood to slow her down. Balancing business and mommy duties can prove to be challenging, particularly for celebrities who often have to travel for long periods of time and manage demanding schedules, all while under the guise of the public eye.

We at Centric take our hats off to the countless celeb moms who make the balance between motherhood and Hollywood look so easy, but especially those who’ve found ways to turn their mommy titles into profitable ventures.


From apparel to book deals, some famous mommies have used their role as mothers to tap into other streams of revenue. Utilizing their fan base and identities as moms, they’ve found novel ways to stay relevant in Hollywood and, most of all, continue to bring home the bacon to support their family.

Quite genius if you ask us.

In an effort to celebrate mothers everywhere, Centric highlights these celebrity moms who turned motherhood into profit margins. Let their business ventures inspire you and be a reminder that motherhood can be rewarding in every sense of the word.

Tia Mowry & Tamera Mowry - When Hollywood’s favorite child star twins grew up before our eyes to become moms, Tia and Tamera wasted no time in expanding their brands both collectively and individually. The pair launched Need Brands, a company that aims to support mothers and their babies through top-of-the-line, edgy and wholesome products, as described by Forbes. Under the company, they Mowry sisters released “Stretchy!,” an all natural moisturizing cream to fight stretch marks, and Milky!, a lactation enhancement herbal tea supplement. The mommy-centric products have been a hit, and the pair say they only plan on expanding the business to more children-need products. Tia took her mommy branding a step further with her book “Oh, Baby!” a guide for expectant moms.

Garcelle Beauvais - When Garcelle Beauvais, best known as “Fancy” on “The Jamie Foxx Show,” gave birth to her biracial twin boys, she decided to explore the conversation about race and diversity by penning a series of books entitled, “I Am Mixed.” The book tells the story of two siblings who explore the thoughts and emotions of being mixed ethnicities--something Beauvais says her boys experienced around 2 years old. "I didn't want them to be asked why is your mommy brown and daddy white and not have them understand it themselves," she said in an interview with Lifetime's celebrity parents blog. "I wanted them to know that they're the best parts of us put together. What I wanted most of all is for them to be proud of who they are and celebrate themselves.” With her book series, the actress educates and makes money at the same time. Now that’s impressive.

Kimora Lee Simmons - We’re all pretty familiar with Kimora’s success as the creative director of Baby Phat clothing line. The former model added her daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, and in the mix, including them in national campaigns for the brand and even having them model for the children’s line. It was a perfect marriage between motherhood and fashion, not to mention it propelled the beautiful sisters into world notoriety.

Kim Whitley -
Since adopting her son, Joshua, comedienne Kim Whitley has turned parenthood into a brand all on its own, with a hit reality series, “Raising Whitley,” and mommy tips blog. Whitley also cleverly came up with the idea to manufacture “Don’t Feed” t-shirt designed for children to wear when they are not in the presence of their moms. The shirt has a list of things the child may be allergic to, so that caregivers are aware of the child’s needs. Whitley also sells “Don’t Feed” fridge sheets and baggies so that informing others of your child’s needs are more accessible. Pretty unique and smart if you ask us.

Kelly Rowland - Rowland may have just given birth to her son, Titan, but that hasn’t stopped her from partnering up with Dreft detergent. The singer and her firstborn appeared in company commercial, and Rowland even hosted Dreft’s #Amazinghood campaign luncheon to promote the company’s baby products, further solidifying her obvious endorsement deal. And considering how quickly Rowland snapped back to her hot bod post-pregnancy, we wouldn’t be surprised if a workout book or video for moms is on the horizon.

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