Saving Our Daughters Charity Facing Tax Troubles

News & Views | Camille Travis | 02/20/2014 | 01:00 PM EST

The organization supported by Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore has some explaining to do

At the center of the Nene Leakes/Kenya Moore fallout on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is the nonprofit organization Saving Our Daughters, but the do-gooder cause is facing troubles of its own.

According to media reports, SOD recently had their tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS as a result of failing to file tax returns since 2009 and withholding information about their finances. The official government database states the action took place in May 2013.

The organization-- which boasts celebrity supporters such as Leakes, Moore, Kelly Rowland, the Braxton sisters and more-- reportedly only used $10,000 of their $108,233 revenue for grants in 2009. In 2008, they donated just $10,500 from $84,874.

Additionally, head honcho Curtis Benjamin allegedly paid himself a very generous salary for his efforts.

The news comes just days after Sunday's episode where the organization was chosen for a charity masquerade ball thrown by Moore in honor of Leakes. Following the show's airing, SOD released a lengthy statement saying they never received any proceeds from her event.

"Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball," read the statement. "However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer."

Moore responded by stating: “It’s unfortunate Mr. Curtis Benjamin was not aware of the effort I put into trying to make the event a success for Saving Our Daughters or overlooked the texts regarding the intended honoree. I spent over $10,000 dollars to make the charity event successful, in addition to making a personal donation from the event as well as forwarding any and all donations collected. I hope the focus can shift to the young girls and I wish the organization nothing but the best in the future."

She subsequently released pictures of written checks, check receipts and text messages from Benjamin proving she donated money.

SOD empowers teen girls across the country with the help of celebrity, corporate and community partners.

(Photo: Saving Our Daughters)

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