Bentley Planning To Release $200K SUV

News & Views | By Justin Dwayne Joseph | 08/26/2013 | 03:20 PM EDT

Bentley Is Planning To Release a $200K SUV

If the idea of spending $200,000 on a SUV, doesn't move you to make a face that reads: "Are you out of your damn mind?"---let the rain dance began, because Bentley is out to claim your luxury-loving heart and your bottomless pockets. 

First showcased as a concept car at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, the English automotive company seems to be moving along with plans to release a V-12 powered sports utility vehicle. While the public might find the news surprising, their moves follows Lamborghini and Maserati, who have both greenlighted their own SUVs.  

“The Bentley SUV should have been here two or three years ago---it’s late” said Motor Trend senior features editor Jonny Lieberman. “The market is there for a $200,000 SUV.”

In recent years, SUVs have become a revenue booster for several luxury automobiles companies including Mercedes, and Porshe, whose Cayenne, introduced in 2003, helped the company almost double their car maker's market share, according to Forbes.

“The SUV needs to be recognized as a Bentley even without the badge -- the Bentley DNA needs to be part of the car,” says Bentley's chief of exterior design, SangYup Lee. “The SUV needs to remain true to Bentley's history and heritage and expand the brand.”

If released, the still un-named SUV would not roll out until 2016. 

(Photo: Bentley Motors)

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