5 Tips On Surviving A Vacation With Other Couples

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 01/01/2014 | 10:38 AM EST

Keep your couples vacation from being a disaster.

Chilling oceanside with a margarita would be lovely right now as temperatures drop below 30 degrees in much of the country. That’s sort of what Kevin Hart, Ludacris and race car driver Marco Andretti are doing with their girlfriends Eniko Parrish, Eudoxie Agnan and Marta Crupo respectively in St. Bart’s.

The couples island hopped from St. Bart’s to St. Maarten to Anguilla for the holiday season. Judging by the gorgeous Instagram pictures, a good time ensued. We’re definitely in favor of a non-traditional Christmas that includes jetsetting, beaches and QT with your significant other. But what about a couples vacation with two or three other couples?

This idea could go extremely well or become a total fail. Since life is all about living, we say go for it. However, follow these tips to survive a couples vacay. The key is to not only survive, but have a great time!

1. Choose the other vacationers wisely

A vacation on the islands is not the time to travel with your co-worker you’ve only known for three months. It’s also not the time to travel with your boy whom you love dearly, but argues with his girl every couple of hours. Know who you’re traveling with. If they annoy you in the states they will annoy you out of the country. Choose wisely. Who you travel with has the potential to not only make or break the trip, but ruin friendships.

2. Talk money (if applicable) before takeoff

The whole trip won’t consist of all couples attached at the hip. Trust, you’ll prefer this. But whatever activities the group does together it should be clear who is paying for what. It’s no fun to plan a group snorkeling adventure, but two people didn’t properly budget for it or don’t want to pay. Discuss and overplan if necessary.

3. Avoid drama at all costs

You’d be surprised how many people will wait until a vacation, get a few drinks in them (more on that later) and want to discuss something serious that’s bound to lead to drama. Abort mission! Walk away. Don’t offer your opinion even if you have one. One bad argument between a couple, or Martin’s girlfriend checking Eric’s girlfriend could be the downfall of your island retreat.

4. Hold your liquor, please!

Everyone’s an adult. No one is paying hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket, hundreds more on a nice villa, to babysit a grown person who can’t hold their liquor. It messes up the sexy. By all means enjoy libations. Just know your limit.

5. Make time for just the two of you

A couples vacation with other couples doesn’t mean every waking moment of the five day getaway has to be spent as a group of six. Everyone will have their own agendas at some point. If you're the type who loves planning and wants everyone to enjoy everything together, be content that it will not go down like that. Plan fun or sexy or romantic moments for you and your beau only. Make memories!

Did we forget anything? Let us know some of your tips for survivng a couples vacation!

(Photo: Ludacris via Instagram)

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