Six Vacation Hotspots For December

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 12/04/2013 | 02:53 PM EST

Travel this December to one of the six vacation spots perfect for holidays travel.

December is the month of putting away the maxi dresses and hanging up the sweaters. Depending on where you live either the year’s first snow flurries are on the way or have already covered the grass. It’s the perfect time to jetset to sunnier skies and sandier shores.

Sure it’s the holiday season, Christmas is around the corner, gifts must be purchased. Perhaps you’ve saved up for a summer vacation--take it in December! Maybe you don’t have many gifts to buy so a vacation is in the budget. Whatever your personal situation is there’s six vacation spots with a Strawberry Daiquiri awaiting your arrival.

1. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
Perfect weather, beautiful water. According to Budget Travel, the hotel rates have dropped by 27 percent in Koh Phi Phi making the average hotel around $151/night. The flight will be pricey (it’s Thailand after all) but the snorkeling, laying out on the beach and visit to Maya Bay will make it all worth it.

2. Lima, Peru
South America has many go-to destinations, but Lima, Peru is one of the reasonably priced vacay spots you can get a bang for your buck. The tourist district offers cheap food, cheap hotels and outdoor activities. The high temperature average is about 76 degrees and low is 66.

3. Capetown, South Africa
It’s the beginning of summer for this African country. Long expensive flights, but inexpensive city in comparison to Europe or North America. Visit Nelson Mandela’s former jail cell, take a cable car up to Table Mountain, visit one of the many museums and trek through the safari. There’s nothing not to like about South Africa.

4. Negril, Jamaica
The food is amazing. From the fresh lobster to whole fish with peppers and onions to festival (the food, not an actual festival), you will want to try everything. Hellshire Beach is a must. Climb the waterfall at Ocho Rios’ Dunn’s River Falls. Drink rum. Travel within the first or second week in December. Anything after is tourist haven and the prices skyrocket.

5. San Juan, Puerto Rico
You will fall in love with Old Saun Juan on your day trip there. The cobblestone streets and historic landmarks will leave you clicking away on your camera. Your hotel will most likely be on the beach plus have multiple pools. Jet skiing is also fairly cheap. And of course the finest of Puerto Rican foods are divine.

6. Kauai, Hawaii
Exploring sea caves sounds amazing, right? Check ‘swim with the dolphins’ off your bucket list. At the Hanalei Taro & Juice Co. restaurant you can eat lunch for $3.50 a plate. A a hike along the Hanakapi'ai Trail will leave you feeling accomplished. If nothing else, Hawaii’s so beautiful you could lay out on the beach every day you’re there. It will be time well spent.

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