The Importance of Keeping Friends Out Your Dating Life

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 08/25/2015 | 04:30 PM EDT

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Your relationship is between you and your man, not your gal pals

There's no true rulebook for a successful relationship, but there are certainly preventative measures one can take to ensure its survival.

One of the surest ways to send your relationship up in flames is to allow other people in it.

Serena Williams could not learn that any quicker following rumors her gal pals are cautioning her to take things slow with Drake. Allegedly they think the rapper, based on their past dating history, has a healthy appetite for the ladies and do not believe he's capable of being faithful to Serena.

By the looks of it, Williams could care less what others think. She and Drake's recent spottings indicate they're comfortable taking their relationship public--and we say good for them!

Should Friends Of The Opposite Sex Be Banned In Marriage?

Unless you're a polygamist, a relationship is between TWO people...not two plus your bestie, your sorority sister and your co-workers. When we involve others into our dating business we open ourselves to extreme scrutiny, especially if and when the tough times roll in. While you as a particpant in the relationship may have a higher tolerance to forgive and forget, your friends don't. So everytime you vent about what your man has done to you, you better believe they're making mental notes. Not to mention it can create great tension between your man and your friends.

Keeping your relationship sacred is paramount if you want it to last. Outside influences and opinions only push you and your partner to each corner and make you enemies rather than lovers. That's not to say you can't confide in your friends. It's just best you do it in moderation.

It's OK to keep some things to yourself. Share your love with the world, but keep in mind the world may not aways be happy for you nor have the best advice.

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