Tech Apps That Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 02/13/2015 | 04:00 PM EST

In need of an improved bedroom experience? It's only a tap away.

These days technology is used to improve almost every aspect of our lives. Need a car service? Use Uber. Want groceries delivered straight to your front door? There’s Instacart, among others.


But where people need the help most is in their sex lives--and thankfully there are plenty of apps for that. As Centric celebrates love all month long, let us guide you to some of the coolest apps designed specifically to make life more enjoyable in the bedroom and beyond.

It’s only a click away.

Spreadsheets -
Don’t let the name fool you--this has nothing to do well Excel or the work office. Spreadsheets allows you to track the metrics of your sex life. The app will conveniently and impressively quantify your bedroom action including noise levels, number of thrusts per minute and the duration of your sex sessions (as Missy Elliott says, “I don’t want no one-minute man”). Spreadsheets eliminates the possibility of you and your partner debating on whether he’s got game in between sheets; instead it all be laid out for him in great detail. The best part? You now can track how often you have sex.

iKamasutra -
Not only is there an app for that but as iKamasutra puts it, “there’s a position for that.” The app includes 110 of the most popular positions from the “Kama Sutra,” the Hindu manual to erotic love. Now couples can try out new positions suggested from their mobile device. Rather than receiving it in the written form, iKamasutra directs you in sound bites. If you don’t know where to start, you can shake the app for random suggestions.

Body Language for Dummies -
There seems to be a “Dummies” book for any and everything, and now there’s an app version for learning the science of body language. Body Language for Dummies helps you interpret other people’s body cues and expressions. If you’re unsure if the new guy you’re dating is totally into you, for example, the app allows you to search keywords to help you navigate the gray areas in your dating life. The best part is that the app is multi-purposeful as you can use it for the boardroom and not just the bedroom. It’s especially helpful in giving you advice about controlling your own body language such as learning how not to blush. The trick? Take several slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm to steady your nerves and control your blood flow.

Romeo To Go -
Let’s face it: sometimes you have to teach a man how to please a woman. Ladies, if you’re frustrated that your man isn’t attentive enough or simply doesn’t know how to open up, have him download Romeo To Go. The app offers tips on how to be romantic, such as ways to “set the mood” and ideas on how to take lead of conversations on dates. Romeo To Go will also give him gift ideas for special occasions and provide reminders just in case he forgets things like “first date” anniversaries. Your “Romeo” may not come pre-packaged but he can surely come with an app.

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