A Single Ladies Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 02/05/2015 | 01:30 PM EST

Centric helps you not be the girl sulking on the sofa this V-Day

February 14 may be the day of love for many adoring couples, but for the countless other singles out there it’s simply a reminder of the lacking romance in their lives. Valentine’s Day can often be a dreaded holiday for those who aren’t exactly having the best luck in the love department. But being single doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of an enjoyable V-Day.


This year, don’t be the girl who sulks on her sofa watching romantic comedies while sipping on an over-poured glass of red wine. Being anti-Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to look so gloomy. Instead you can celebrate it single and in style. Slip into your best fit, call up your girls and paint the town like the night is young. Show the rest of the world that you won’t let a measly holiday stop you from having the time of your life. Who wants that perfect love story anyway?

So to aid in you in your anti-Valentine’s quest, Centric has compiled the ultimate Single Ladies guide to surviving V-Day. Knock ‘em dead.

Look the part.
Rather than being cliche and wearing red, go rogue with a little Black dress (form fitting of course). See it as a mourning of your love life, cynically speaking. You’re sure to turn heads in a LBD paired with the right accessories and killer heels. You never know, you may just ironically end up meeting Prince Charming on the night of Valentine’s Day. Just don’t go out expecting to. Besides, the night is about claiming your independence from the holiday and the self-declaration that you don’t need a man as a reason to get dolled up and have a good time.

Summon the girlfriends.
The best thing about being single is that everyone has an equally single friend. Phone your girlfriends and rally them up for an evening of single fun. Just establish the ground rules: no debbie downers.

Leave the cell in your purse.
Having your phone on hand can be all the weapon you need to ruin a great night. One scroll down your social media timelines and you will likely be bombarded with everyone’s V-Day evening plans with their significant other. Don’t be that girl insta-stalking your friends (or worse your ex). Instead leave your cell phone in your purse and enjoy your evening technology-free. Why live with your eyes glued to the screen when there’s a whole world out there waiting for you?!

Have a roundtable Chic Chat.
Don’t use the evening to have depression conversations about why men ain’t ish and so on and so forth. Instead have meaningful dialogue about why you think you’re single, the difficulties of making relationships last and, more importantly, the beauty in being single. There’s no better way to feel better about your singlehood than immersing yourself in a chat with other women who can relate.  

Live it up.
V-Day may be a night of love but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate it. Rather than commemorating a romantic love, do it for the love of oneself and the love of your friends. Hit the bar (read: classy), order a glass of bubbly and make a toast to yourself! There’s more to life than a man. If you have a flourishing career, loving family and friends, you have far more things to be grateful for.

Speed date.
Okay so you’re probably thinking to yourself: “doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” But if dating is something you enjoy and you truly want to find a good guy, why not flip the evening into an opportunity to meet new and interesting guys. Most cities have speed dating events going on the evening of Valentine’s Day. Do a little research and bring your girlfriends along. You’re not weak or desperate for wanting love as long as you’re realistic and optimistic about it. However, it’s important to preference that your goal shouldn’t be to find the love at first sight. Look at it as a fun way to see what’s out there or at the very least use the opportunity to have a little harmless, fun flirting. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you still “got it.”

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