Idris Elba Says His Personal Life Is His Biggest Disappointment: 'My Relationships Have Suffered'

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 02/04/2015 | 11:45 AM EST

'No Good Deed' actor reveals the last time he was happy was when son was born

In a world where celebrities are constantly oversharing, it's nice when stars like Idris Elba maintain a level of mystique.


The British actor opened up a bit about his personal life in a Q&A with the Daily Mail. He revealed that his life off camera has suffered due to his dedication to his career. He also explained the last time he was really happy and the worst thing someone has said to him. Below are a few quotes from the interview.

On the last thing that made him really happy...

"When my son Winston was born. And watching the magic that is childbirth. Of course I was there. Did I feel like a spare part? Nah, but I don’t want to talk about it."

On the worst thing anyone has ever said to him...

"I was told once that I could never be loved because I don’t love myself. That hurt my feelings."

On his biggest achievement...

"My career – because every job I ever got I had to fight for. I’m an odd, tall, black man that doesn’t quite fit in. And here I am 25 years later in what I consider to be a very well-rounded career."

On his biggest disappointment...

"My personal life. I sacrificed it to be where I am as an actor. So my relationships have suffered."

On his worst character trait...

"I’m lazy. I procrastinate awfully. There’s always so many things I’m supposed to be doing – for example when I was shooting No Good Deed in Atlanta and preparing to play Nelson Mandela by reading his autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom. Straight after that I had an album to put out. So I am always saying; ‘I’ll do it, I’ll get to it…’"

On what he believes in...

"I believe that what you put out is what you get back."

Check out the full interview over on Daily Mail.

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(Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images For Advertising Week)

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