Why January Is Known As 'Divorce Month'

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/28/2015 | 01:00 PM EST

Divorce attorneys point out trend during the new year

Did you know January is known as Divorce Month? The first of month of the year sees a surge in divorce filings from spouses who’ve decided to put their marriage on wax.

Divorce attorneys say this industry trend occurs mostly because most people wait until after the holidays to make the decision to call it quits. Serving your spouse with divorce papers the month during the Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year holidays can come off insensitive, not to mention it can be especially hard for families with young children. Others see the year-end holidays as the last hurrah as a family before severing ties (this too is usually for the kids).


Some attorneys deem the first Monday of January “Divorce Monday,” which is when many people seek divorce advice and file not too far after. The divorce trend--about one-third more than normal--is typically constant throughout the month of January and continues until March, attorneys say, according to Market Watch.

Filing for divorce in January can also be seen as a strategic personal finance decision, as you can file the 2015 calendar taxes as single person. Protect your coins, ladies.

Another reason that points to why many people file for divorce at the top of the year is because courts are scarcely open during the holidays. There are only three weeks of court time available between the holidays, and no one wants to file a divorce case and not be able to get into court until the new year.

No matter the reason, there’s no perfect time to file for divorce. The decision to do so should be done after given careful thought.

Another discovery is that January and the first few months of the year also sees a spike in online dating. Apps saw an increase in traffic on Jan. 4, Watch Market reports, and registration for dating apps ballooned by 38 percent. It looks like this is the time of year for divorces and new hookups. Go figure.

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