Embarrassing PDA From Parents Could Be Secret To Happy Childhood

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 10/30/2014 | 03:45 PM EDT

Researchers determines the more affectionate couples are the more impact on their children

A happy love life may just be the secret ingredient to a happy childhood, at least according to a new UK study.

The analysis exploring modern fatherhood found that couples who are more affectionate are more likely to be better parents. Using research on more than 5,000 families, the study determined that the more often parents kissed the less likely they are to shout at their children.

“Good parenting” is relative, however, the less likely children see tension the better.


Though the study focuses on British relationships, it could be a strong indication of a more universal finding. For their results, researchers asked parents of both sexes a series of questions to gauge the state of their own relationships as well as family life overall, including asking how often parents eat with their children or help them with their homework.

Forty-four percent of fathers said that their wife or partner “rarely” or “never” gets on their nerves, while only 36 percent of mothers said the same.

More interesting, one in 10 of those surveyed described their relationship as unhappy or very unhappy, but the same proportion described their own marriage or relationship as “perfect,” Business Insider reports.

The study also found that married people of both sexes appear to have happier relationships than those who are cohabiting. Researchers also noted that there’s a connection between the level of affection between parents and the way they related to their children. In other words, those are who affectionate to their partner are more likely to be affectionate with their children.

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