Centric's 'Passion Series': How Do You Unlock Your Gift?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 10/07/2014 | 04:00 PM EDT

Centric explores why some people fail to tap into their passion and how they can discover their calling in life

What is your passion?

That’s the question many, if not all of us are asked at least once in our lifetime. But how many of us actually know the answer to that query? How many of us even bother to find the answer?

In a society where celebrities are idolised for sharing their gifts and talents with the world, it’s rather disheartening to know that many people live a life void of the fulfillment that comes with knowing and engrossing in the thing(s) that you are not only passionate about, but what you were undisputedly created to do.


Those who have discovered their passion will tell you that it brings great joy and, more importantly, a sense of completion. As human beings, our very existence is to wonder: who am I and why am I here? And when you finally uncover what it is that makes you tick, you’re ushered into a space of realization and productivity. When you’re living in your passion, there is no question or doubt...you just are.

But why is it that some struggle to tap into their passion?

The short answer is that unlocking it isn’t always an easy feat. Some people are more lucky than others. Many people living in their purpose were nurtured by someone who gave them permission to go after their passion, or were inspired so profoundly by an individual or occurrence that it became apparent what they wanted to do in life.

Others who fail to find their passion are simply living in fear; fearful of taking risks, fearful of failing, fearful of the possible judgement from others. But fear only leaves you feeling stuck.

Your passion or gift in life is for you and you alone. Therefore, no one can truly find it for you. They can lead you in the direction, but ultimately only you have the key to unlock it.

Finding your passion
is more of an internal search than it is an external one. When you discover it you feel it from within. What is it that makes you feel at your most natural state? What keeps you up at night?

Never think that those who’ve found their passion showed up to a party that you weren’t invited to. It just may take you longer to uncover it.


But it’s important to note that your passion doesn’t have to be your 9-5. It can also be an alternative interest. Maybe it’s through volunteering. Maybe it’s a hobby. The idea that your passion has to be turned into a career is misleading, because that may not be the reality for everyone. All you truly need is to simply live it--and that can be through a number of ways. If you are fortunate enough to turn your passion into a financially secure career, however, by all means do so.

Truly discovering your passion requires you to be honest with yourself. Meditate (or pray if you’re spiritual) and find your center or balance in life. Concentrating in calmness helps you free your mind of the chaos and doubt that may be surrounding you. Jot down a list of things you feel you’re passionate about and figure out ways to test drive them. If you never get close to your passion enough to experience it, how will you ever know it’s for you?

But the true way to unlocking your passion is to live and live freely. If you live with restrictions, you rob yourself of the opportunity of discovering what may be right under your nose. Don’t stop searching, because it’s bound to find you sooner or later. Give yourself permission to feel. Give yourself permission to live.

Centric’s “Passion Series” is an ongoing column that will explore a number of topics relating to finding and applying your passion. Be on the lookout for part two.

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