'According To Him + Her': A Cougar Should Not Expect A Marriage Proposal

Life & Love | 09/11/2014 | 11:55 AM EDT

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Older men date younger women all the time without so much as a batted eyelash. So there’s no shame in a woman getting her cougar on.

“According To Him + Her”
wants you to know Rule 36: A cougar should not expect a marriage proposal. “Y’all might get married one day then he planning a funeral the next,” joked series regular Nika Williams.

Assuming that a cougar even wants to get married—because hello, not all women want to get married—why shouldn’t a cougar expect a marriage proposal? What exactly about an older woman dating a younger man means he won’t tie the knot?

Some younger men prefer a more seasoned woman. For some it’s just a phase or a fling. Others may genuinely fall in love and want to spend the rest of their life with her. There’s also the men who don’t care about her age at all and just see a woman they care about deeply.

The flipside is whether or not the two are on the same page or not. If she’s 38 and he’s 24 there’s too big of a chance he’s not remotely ready for what she could be ready for. Buying a home, marriage and children may be at the forefront of her mind if her maternity clock is ticking. At 24 he’s likely in his first job out of college. Two totally different levels.

A 60-year-old cougar dating a 40 year old, however, may not run into the aforementioned problems. If she has kids they’re likely grown. He’s 40 so he’s hopefully established in life. If she’s in good health and shape there’s no reason she shouldn’t expect a marriage proposal if that’s what she desires.

It all depends on what the two want out of the situation, what age the two are and if they’re on the same page longterm. If 55-year-old men can marry 25-year-old women without so much as a peep, why should the rules be any different for women?

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