'According To Him + Her': Should You Ride-Or-Die For Your Boo In Jail?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 08/19/2014 | 03:15 PM EDT

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While having a man in prison is probably the most cliche scenario for a Black woman in the ‘hood, believe it or not many women find themselves stuck between a rock and a jail cell. Just ask Phaedra Parks.

But in the case that one does find herself or himself in such a predicament, what exactly should one do? Do you stick by his or her side, or do you chuck up the dueces?

That’s a dilemma comedians will tackle on the upcoming episode of Centric’s “According To Him + Her” with Rule 74: “You should be a ride or die if your boo goes to jail.”

Who you decide to date is entirely your choice, but truthfully if your man or woman ends up in the slammer you may want to reevaluate the relationship altogether. Only seeing your significant other during visiting hours just isn’t a good look.

Now of course, if we were to take a look at our beloved celebrities we’d see that standing by your man or woman in jail is more common than not; Remy Ma and Papoose, T.I. and Tiny, Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris, etc.

With that said, jail love isn’t an impossible feat, but who realistically wants to go through such a lonely, difficult journey?

Ideally, whether or not you choose to stick around while your boo is in jail would depend on how long he or she is expected to be there--keeping in mind that jail and prison are too different things. Everyone isn’t built to be a ride-or-die for years on out.

It shouldn’t be expected of you to stand by your man or woman if they break the law and end up behind bars based on their own doing. Just because they screwed up their lives, it doesn’t mean you should have to suffer in the process.

If you truly love your mate and believe that the wait it worth it, then by all means wait away. Just make sure he or she stays on the straight and narrow once they’re let back out into the free world.

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