According To Him + Her: 3 Tips To Dating A Starving Artist

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 08/14/2014 | 04:30 PM EDT

Who said dating a starving artist had to be a burden?

On an all-new episode of "According To Him + Her," we're discussing Rule No. 298: "Dating a starving artist is not only okay, but should be considered an investment." We'll leave it to our hilarious panel of experts to weigh in on the discussion, but we've got a few ideas for those already trying to make it work.

Creatives are oftentimes looked down on for not having the typical 9 to 5 and are seen as hopeless dreamers. Yet it's the "dreamers" who bring us passionate music, thought-provoking art, brilliant writing and inspiring work. But, like any industry, living off your art has its difficulties. And dating a creative presents its share of challenges as well.

Check out our three tips to being with a starving artist.

Be emotionally supportive.
Carrying the financial load while dating a starving artist is a personal decision, but being emotionally supportive is not up for debate. If you've chosen to pursue someone who's taken on a more creative career, it's imperative to have their back through the inevitable rejections and work dry spells. If you believe the relationship is worth the effort, be in their corner to build them up-- not break them down.

Be open-minded.
You can't expect pricey meals or trips around the globe when dealing with a starving artist. Be open-minded to inexpensive, yet creative activities because it's not about the money spent, but rather the time spent together. And remember, "free" or "cheap" doesn't necessarily mean "boring."

Be smart.
Like all relationships, it's important to use your head. If you believe you're being taken advantage of and aren't seeing a return, it might be time to get tough or simply walk away. Your mate might be passionate about their craft, but passion doesn't pay the bills. Suggest that they lock down a 9 to 5 and focus on their art after hours until they have the wiggle room to devote all their effort into their dream job. But if they refuse the suggestion and persist in being a freeloader, wave that relationship goodbye.

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