According To Him + Her: Should The Man Offer To Foot The Bill On A Shopping Trip?

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 08/07/2014 | 04:00 PM EDT

Shopping sprees are every woman's dream, but ladies shouldn't come to expect them from a man

Rule 44 in the "According To Him + Her" handbook states, "When shopping with a woman, the man should always offer to pay for the items." Unfortunately, we're going to have to put a big, fat 'X' on this directive and instruct women to rely on their own dollars.

A perfect gentleman is undoubtedly tasked with opening doors, sliding in chairs and walking on the outside of a woman when on the street, among other things. And it's come to be expected that a man pay for the majority of dates, as they are traditionally thought of as providers.


But a line has to be drawn somewhere. Expecting a man to offer to pay for your trips to the mall is a bit outrageous. And, dare we say, gold digger-ish.

If your beau is financially stable and has no qualms about footing the bill, don't let us stand in the way of your no-cost shopping spree. But it shouldn't be an expectation and you should never become upset if he's chosen not to cover your expenses.


In a day and age when women are excelling in the work force and making their own money, they shouldn't have to look to men to pay their way through life. While gifts, free dinners and the occasional shopping spree are nice (and welcomed), women are more than capable of taking care of themselves financially.

Sorry, ladies. Charge that designer bag to the game.

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