'According To Him + Her': Is The B-Word Fair Game In An Argument?

Life & Love | Dr. D. Lovely | 07/29/2014 | 04:10 PM EDT

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Arguments are inevitable. People get carried away. Hurtful words are hurled during said arguments. It happens.

But is it ever OK to toss out the word “bitch” to your partner —male or female— in an argument?

“According To Him + Her”
will address Rule 151: "The b*#@ word is fair game when you’re arguing." We have a feeling the comedic spin on this rule will have the experts claiming anything goes when couples are mad.

In this day and age of dating, women answer to their men saying “that’s my b-tch” or “she’s a bad b-tch.” So something tells us being called a “b-tch” in the argument is not uncommon or the worst thing some women will hear. And we’ve all overheard a woman so upset with her man she called him a “b-tch,” which is usually a top-three insult for a dude.

Calling your man or woman a "b-tch" works for couples who don’t put much power in words and those so desensitized to hearing degrading words, especially as it’s used to refer to women. Whom are we to judge those couples?

For those who don’t get down like that, tossing out the “b-tch” word may end your relationship, or at least give your partner a reason to lose a great deal of respect for you.

In any couple’s quarrel staying away from name calling is the best route to go. Stooping so low to a derogatory term is a next level blow that won’t be easily forgivable. You’ll likely feel so bad for “going there” after the two of you have made up.

If it gets to the point of B-words flying someone should table the discussion for a later time.

If sleeping on the couch isn’t in your future plans, just don’t do it.

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