'According To Him + Her': Is It Ok To Sleep In The Same Bed When Visiting Your Parents?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 07/17/2014 | 03:16 PM EDT

The same tenets still apply: their house, their rules

It’s Thanksgiving and you’ve finally decided to bring your significant other of two years home to meet the parentals. You’re both grown — like, super grown — but you already know sleeping in the same bed is not going down.

Your mom warned you before bringing him home, "You know you and Kenny can't sleep in the same bed when you come home." Yes, ma'am.

For the most part, this is a cultural rule and is to be expected. It’s a respect thing. No ring, no marriage certificate? No cuddling up overnight in the guest bedroom with your boo. Whether you’re 25, 37 or 44, the same tenets still apply: their house, their rules.

At least one of the experts on “According to Him + Her” agrees with us. “It is never okay to sleep in the same bed visiting your parents, her parents. Don’t ever do it. It’s an awkward conversation at breakfast in the morning,” one of the comedians advises.


Parents understand that their grown children are adults. They’re not naive. They know when you and your partner are having sleepovers in your own apartments, you two are sleeping in the same bed. But the thought of doing it in their home is just too much. Even though you could very well sleep next to your partner and refrain from sex (it really isn’t about that), parents want to feel respected.

Once you’re married all bets are off. Parents don’t expect married people to sleep in separate beds when they come to visit. Being a husband or wife means something totally different to them.

If you or your significant other are gung ho on sleeping in the same bed while home for the holidays, then get a hotel. Otherwise, save your money, chalk it up for a few days and respect your parents' wishes.

Some old school values never hurt nobody. This is one that we hope stays around.

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