'According To Him + Her': Does Sex Without Emotion Exist?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 07/15/2014 | 01:30 PM EDT

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Sex without emotion is one of the great debates although the answer is quite obvious. Does it exist?

Depending on who you ask the answer usually goes something like this: sex means nothing to men, but women can't have sex without her emotions being attached.

Centric’s experts on “According To Him + Her” will tackle this conundrum on the upcoming episode.

Emotionless sex is possible for both men and women. Typically women are accused of getting emotionally attached after sex. The scenario plays out something akin to a man and woman dating for a short time with no talks of a relationship in the future. He wants sex, she wants it just as bad, they have it. Eventually she’ll be accused — whether true or not — of being in her feelings.

Truth is, lean in a little closer, women love sex too. And not all women that have sex with men are emotional about it. Another truth, if we’re being real, is that men sometimes get in their feelings after sex as well. Countless women can attest to the dude who starts acting funny after he got some.

Contrary to popular belief, sex and emotions don’t always go hand in hand. People have healthy friends with benefits like relationships everyday with no drama, no strings attached, no emotions.

Open communication is key. Both people have to be on the same page.

Things go awry when one person is under the impression that the sex could lead to something more meaningful. A clear talk should be had about expectations. If someone’s feelings do change in the midst of bedroom splendor it’s at their own risk since they weren’t led on.

Bottom line: sex without emotion does exist. And is quite plentiful.

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