When To Know It's Too Late To Repair A Relationship

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 07/02/2014 | 03:45 PM EDT

CentricTV.com editor Gerren Keith Gaynor says the Robin Thicke's of world should learn from singer's public begging

Robin Thicke’s got it bad.

Since his separation from wife Paula Patton, the blue-eyed soul singer has gone on a very public, national pity tour to get her back. City to city, venue to venue, Thicke has practically begged for a second chance from Paula, who not-so-ironically is the namesake of the his new album and the muse behind its lead single “Get Her Back.”


Thicke’s charades have come off quite pathetic to say the least, and social media made that very clear when the #AskThicke Q&A hashtag with VH1 turned into a meme of users defending Paula and demanding that Thicke stop harassing the “Precious” actress.

“#askthicke are you aware that making your apologies public amounts to harassment and psychological abuse of your ex? #domesticabuse,” read one of the thousands of tweets using the hashtag.

Thicke’s crusade to win back his wife may have come off noble in the beginning, but now it’s become a full-on train wreck. Most of all, the singer is a cautionary and telling tale of just how much persistence can come off more so like desperation.

The fact is, there’s an expiration on repairing a relationship. Immediately after one has checked out because their partner has done them wrong, the responsibility is on the wrongdoer to do whatever is necessary to earn forgiveness. But in the case of Thicke - who reportedly has not seen his estranged wife in four months - sometimes it’s a little too late.

While the cause of their separation is nothing short of rumors, it’s pretty safe to say that infidelity had everything to do with it. But if reports of multiple affairs are true, Thicke can pretty much kiss his chances of reconciliation goodbye.

Relationships can be fixed, but whether or not it can survive depends on just how bad the damages are. If it’s too great of an offense, your relationship simply becomes the collateral damage itself. All can be forgiven, but sometimes when your ex makes it clear that they’re not going to come around, at some point you have to accept it and move on.


Everyone loves a great love story, but it seems this one has run its course. Maybe Thicke should put wax on his mission for mercy and instead take his loss as a learning lesson in life: that you have to appreciate what you have while they’re still around, not when they’re already out the door.

So to all the Robin Thicke’s out there, let this be a warning or you, too, could end up being the joke of the town.  

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