The Do's And Don'ts Of Catching Your Mate Cheating

Life & Love | Camille Travis | 06/06/2014 | 02:30 PM EDT

When it comes to confronting infidelity, it's best to not react off sudden emotions

On the season finale of "According To Him + Her," we're discussing what dating and marriage nightmares are made of: an unfaithful partner. More specifically, we're asking our hilarious panel of experts to weigh in on what they would do if they caught their lover in bed with someone else.

While the answers range from calm (casually walking out the bedroom) to crazy (burning the house down), it's safe to say cheating is a hard pill to swallow.

When it comes to infidelity, there's no end-all, be-all answer as to how one should handle the matter. With feelings and personal investments involved, it's impossible to tell the next person what to do in their relationship. However, there are a few do's and don'ts to abide by when dealing with a cheating mate in order to avoid any additional pain and/or criminal charges.

remove the third party.
With the exception of a close friend (or worse, a family member), the person who is sleeping with your partner does not owe you an explanation. Yes, they are in the wrong but it is your mate who needs to do the talking as to why they've been unfaithful-- sans an audience.

get violent or destructive.
In a fit of anger, you might feel justified to physically harm your cheating mate or break their precious possessions. While tempting, it's a major no-no. It's in your best interest to not jump off the deep end while consumed with anger because the outcome could yield poor results.

confront the situation.
Instead of running away from the problem, it's best to confront the situation head-on. Whether you speak to your partner for two minutes or two hours, let them know what they did was wrong and that it hurt you.

run to social media.
Listen and take notes: social media and relationships do not mix. Privacy is the best policy when dealing with matters of love. The whole world does not need to know when you're having trouble with your mate. Instead, use that energy and your words to journal or talk it out with a close friend or family member.

assess the situation once you've calmed down.
Making your next move to leave or stay should be decided when your emotions have settled and you can think with a clear mind. Everyone tends to know what they'd do if they were cheated on, but things suddenly change when you're actually placed in the situation. Give it some time and think it through.

What are your do's and don'ts on the matter? And how would you handle the situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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