'According To Him + Her': Should You Pay For Your Girlfriend's Breast Implants If You're Not Married?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 06/03/2014 | 04:35 PM EDT

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Beyoncé said there’s no shame in upgrading your boo, but is a man paying for his girlfriend’s breast implants too much upgrading for the woman who isn’t your wife?

“According To Him + Her”
will get to the bottom of Rule 407: Never pay for your mate’s breast implants if you’re not married on Friday. Before then we have our own theory.

The answer? It depends. What’s a few thousand for breast implants to a man making twice that in a day? If money ain’t a thang then who are we to judge if a guy spends his hard-earned money on plumping up a side chick, jump off or girlfriend’s boobs?

In all seriousness this is an issue between the man buying, the woman receiving the surgery and the doctor performing the operation. What it ultimately boils down to is this: Is he the one asking her to go up a couple bra sizes and can he afford it?

If your girlfriend wants bigger breasts but you’re opposed to it then it makes sense that you would not pay for it. But if you’re a boob man who keeps hinting that your girl take her breast game to the next level then hopefully you’re offering to support those new D cups.

A man comfortable enough to express his girlfriend get a breast augmentation should be a man comfortable enough to spend his cash on it. If she’s not worthy of you buying new boobs because she’s not your wife then you shouldn’t suggest she have them done.

That said, we get it. People feel better about spending their money if the investment is on someone/something they believe will truly last.

Society loves to feel morally superior so we like to think certain gifts, pleasantries or sexcapades are reserved only for marriage. That’s not reality, though. What are we trying to prove? Are marriages incapable of dissolving? Then what?

You wouldn’t buy the new boobs for your girlfriend of seven years, but then married another woman and that ended in divorce after three. Do you really feel better about your decision to wait because at least it was for the wife?

Do what you want with your money. And let her boobs flourish in the process.

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