'According To Him + Her': Is Money All That Matters In A Relationship?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 05/06/2014 | 02:00 PM EDT

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They say money makes the world go round, but does it also keep a relationship intact? Some seem to think so.

On episode 109 of “According To Him + Her,” hosts Claudia JordanFinesse Mitchell and guests will weigh in on Rule 131: “If the person I’m with has money, nothing else matters.”

While most people would love to say that money is all that matters, reality will surely burst that relationship bubble. A partner who’s coined up may be able to take you on shopping sprees, pay your bills and upkeep a certain lifestyle, but we all know that money can only fulfill but a certain threshold of happiness in a relationship. Just look at how many Hollywood couples we see crumble despite their tax bracket.

Money is great, but then life happens. What if your partner isn’t fulfilling you sexually or isn’t attentive to your wants and needs? Do you really think you’d stick around for the sake of money? Probably not. At the core of every human experience we desire happiness, and it when it comes to matters of the heart, more than anything we desire to be loved - and love and money are wholly exclusive from each other.

There’s a host of qualifiers, other than money, that should be important to anyone looking for a long-lasting, healthy relationship. You should want to be with someone who provides emotional support, encourages you to go after your dreams and be your best self and you should be with someone who’s in line with your morals and personal beliefs. Without those key attributes, your relationship will leave you feeling unfulfilled, and no money in the world can fill that kind of void.

Money is a sweet thing to have, but it won’t buy you forever if that’s all you look for in a mate. There’s more to love than a checkbook.  

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