'According To Him + Her': What Has To Happen Before You Meet The Parents?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 04/30/2014 | 11:51 AM EDT

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Meeting the parents used to mean the relationship was likely headed to marriage. The verdict is still out on if meeting your significant other’s parents means anything at all these days.

One popular relationship adviser argues a man introducing a woman to his parents means absolutely nothing. It does not mean he’s serious about the relationship. It does not mean she is the only woman he’s in a relationship with. And it certainly does not mean marriage is down the line, she advises.

Interesting perspective. However, most Black men we’ve conversed with don’t just bring anybody home to mama. Sure they may bring the friend with benefits to a family cookout, but bringing the "jump off" specifically to mom in a one-on-one setting is a whole 'nother thing.

On “According to Him + Her” the experts and guests will weigh in on what has to transpire before meeting the parents.

If you’re of the belief that meeting the parents means something then there are levels to this.

Couples should be in a committed relationship before any introductions to the parentals are made. There’s no need in getting a man or woman hyped up in thinking the relationship is something that it’s not if the two of you aren’t even together. Now, if your parents are used to you bringing home the Flavor of the Month then by all means proceed. No judgment.

Both parties should also be on the same page about the relationship. For instance, if you’re in love with your woman and want her to meet your parents but know the end goal is not marriage, make sure she knows this. Vice versa ladies. Don’t have him believing because he’s meeting the parents it means anything other than ‘Hey, these are the people who birthed me.’

Give your partner a heads up on what to expect (especially if your family’s a little crazy). Don’t make them nervous to the point they can’t be themselves, but make sure they’re not blindsided.

There’s no set rules about meeting the parentals. But some clear communication about what meeting the parents means (if anything) never hurt nobody.

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