Does Money Make It Easier To Be A Ride-Or-Die?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 04/28/2014 | 01:15 PM EDT

Is Kevin Hart's ex-wife right in her criticism of current girlfriend?

Many Centric readers had quite the opinion on Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart speaking out against him calling his current girlfriend Eniko Parrish his “rib.”


Torrei’s statement that it’s easy for Parrish to be Kevin’s rib because he’s a millionaire sparked mixed opinions. While most generally agreed with Torrei, who pointed out that she held Hart down before his massive success, others felt like Torrei was simply being a bitter ex-wife who was jealous that he moved on with someone else.

Regardless of what one may feel about Torrei’s emotional state or motivation, her statement opens up an intriguing debate on whether or not money allows one to more easily be supportive and loving to their partner.

Kevin and Torrei, who have two children together, undoubtedly had their differences during their six-year marriage. While neither revealed the exact reason(s) for their divorce, one can only assume that marrying young and Kevin pursuing the career of a comedian - which we all know doesn’t always pay the bills - might have had something to do with it. Regardless of why they went their separate ways, it seems Kevin is very much in love and believes that his current beau is the one, or as hip-hop culture likes to call it, his “ride-or-die.”

But does Hart’s reported 2013 earnings of $14 million have anything to do with it?

As they say money makes the world go round, and maybe in some cases it also makes for a happier home. But we all know that all that glitters isn’t always gold, and not even seven figures can sustain a relationship (it’s a recurring theme we see in Hollywood).

However, Torrei does make a strong argument. While it may not keep the harmony, it surely eliminates a lot of the variables that lead to divorce and breakups as it relates to money. Arguing with money is nothing in comparison to arguing with very little money. The stresses of not being able to pay your bills and having to support a family amid financial strains can reach its breaking point. From Torrei’s perspective, seeing your ex-husband calling another woman your rib after you feel you sacrificed everything for him and his success has to sting a little bit.

While Torrei is likely reaping the benefits of her baby daddy’s massive wealth, it’s kind of unfair to compare the two relationships when one clearly didn’t have to struggle as much as the first.

Kevin Hart’s situation aside, it’s fair to say that money creates a lot more opportunity for happiness, and even a little motivation to be a more solid partner. However, any man should be able to see past the smoke and mirrors and know whether or not a woman is there for him or for his money. Still, every relationship has its time. Some are meant for a season and a reason, and others are built for a lifetime. Regardless of whether or not you started from the bottom or met at the top, love will always prevail...right? 

What do you think? Does money make it easier for a woman to stand by her man?

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