According To Him + Her: Groupon On A First Date: Yay Or Nay?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 04/17/2014 | 09:00 AM EDT

What does the use of a Groupon really say about your date?

The Groupon conundrum has taken on a life of its own. Whether or not a guy should use a Groupon to pay for a date is all the buzz in the hilarious conversations about dating.

Both offline and on Twitter, non-relationship experts, experts and everyone in between has an opinion about whether paying with a Groupon on the first date is proper date protocol. Does it make him cheap? Does it necessarily mean he put no effort forth? Are you impressed that he’s financially responsible? There are several variables at play when it comes to the daunting 'to Groupon or not to Groupon' question. But mainly it boils down to the two individuals.


First date impressions are important. A man would be pretty judgy if his date showed up in sweatpants, hair in a messy ponytail, bifocal glasses, a white t-shirt and Nikes. No effort was made! A Groupon on a first date reads to the woman that she’s not even worth you spending X amount of dollars on a dinner. There may not be a second time to “sell yourself” so it’s important to not come off as someone uninterested and cheap. This doesn’t mean splurge on Smith & Wollensky. It does mean save the Groupon until the two of you know enough details about one another that you could give a full description to someone if asked. You want her to spend time looking fly, you do the same and plan on paying the bill-- sans Groupon.


Although first dates are really not the time or place to whip out your phone to show the waitress your Groupon deal, there are women who won’t mind. It can show that you’re savvy about money, always looking for a deal, which isn’t a bad trait to have long term. Groupons are absolutely acceptable once you’re in a committed relationship or have been dating a significant amount of time. Who doesn’t like a bang for their buck?

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the Groupon on a date conversation has already begun on Twitter. If you’re in a relationship there is absolutely nothing wrong with Groupon on Valentine’s Day. It’s likely your man has taken you to Mr. Chow or Ruth’s Chris on days that weren't holidays, so who cares about saving on this one particular day when you’ve been wined and dined before? If you're single, again, it depends on how long you and your V-day date have been dating. Valentine’s Day + first date + Groupon = probably no second date. But if you’ve had a few dates already, sure, what’s the harm?

It’s all about using the best judgment for what type of effort you'd want to put in and also assessing what kind of woman you're dating. Every situation is unique to the individuals involved. Is it ever ok to use a Groupon on a date? Let us know your thoughts!

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