According To Him + Her: Does A $50 Dinner Equal Sex?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 04/17/2014 | 11:53 AM EDT

On a brand new episode of 'According To Him + Her,' we'll explore the real "value" of a dinner date

Every two months, the topic of $300 dates becomes an ongoing debate on Twitter. The consensus from the men is clear: $300 is way too much to spend on a date and if he does, he’s entitled to sex.

If $300 is pricey, what about a $50 dinner? Does spending $50 on a date automatically mean a woman should drop her drawers? “According to Him + Her” has the answers.

It’s expected for a man to pick up the tab if he pursued her for the date. The simplest of dates (dinner or a movie) can easily top $50 at an inexpensive restaurant. In New York City, two movie tickets is $26. Add popcorn and drinks and you’ve got yourself a $50 date.

A price tag on sex isn’t called a date, that’s prostitution. Certainly folks aren’t suggesting $50 is equal to the value of sex. If so, that’s an extremely low-ball figure.

The purpose of a date varies from person to person. Some believe a date is a chance to get to know a person you’re interested in. For others, a date can be the precursor to headboard knocking. The intentions are sometimes easy to determine by conversation. “Let’s go back to my place” is an indication of where they want the date to go. But women shouldn’t have to think ‘If we go on this date and he pays, he’s expecting sex’ regardless of how much he spends.

Bottom line: Don’t take a woman (or man) on a date if there’s a spending limit and/or you’re expecting something in return. If the expectation is sex then disclose that up front. There are women who will happily skip the small talk over cocktails because they too are only looking for that quick fix.

But expecting to have your mind blow because you’ve spent a measly $50 is a guaranteed way to be disappointed.

Ladies, if a man spending $50 on a date gives him the entitlement to think he’s getting some booty, stay at home. He or the date will barely be worth your time.

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