Are Domestic Issues Reason To Keep A Dad From His Kids?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 04/15/2014 | 12:45 PM EDT

After allegations of abuse, is Tiffney Cambridge right for allegedly keeping her kids away from rapper The Game?

In a culture where Black fathers are blasted for being "deadbeats" and absent from their children's lives, the last thing a mother should do is keep a father away from his kids when he actually wants to be involved.

Such is the case with rapper The Game, who alleges that his ex-fiancée Tiffney Cambridge is not letting him see his two youngest children, son Justice and daughter Cali. While Game blames it on Tiffney's inability to accept that he's moved on, according to previous reports, Cambridge says Game broke her nose during a domestic dispute.

Without question the "Marrying The Game" reality stars have drama written all over of them. But things take a serious toll when kids are involved.

The one thing that is crucial for any impressionable child is their relationship with their parents. Keeping a child away from his or her father is even more damaging, as research has long highlighted the social implications of not having a father in the household.

But is there an exception when the father has been abusive toward the mother?


Of course, there’s no proof that there’s any truth to Tiffney’s allegations, however hypothetically speaking, if Game did put hands on Tiffney, it’s understandable that her initial reaction would be to retaliate by punishing him with not being able to see his children. But while it’s effective for retribution purposes, it may not so healthy for the kids, who more than likely are asking where their daddy is because they’re so used to having him around.

That’s not to say a man who gets physical with the mother of children should not be punished, however, that’s what law enforcement is for - though there are cases in which men who are abusive to the mother of their children are abusive to the children as well. The only legitimate reason to keep a child away from his father is if the child is in potential danger.

But if the domestic dispute is more of a love gone awry, it’s typically in the best interest of the child for the mother to put aside her pride and personal bouts with her baby daddy, and not deny her child the right to see and interact with his or her own father.


Kids these days need fathers more than ever - especially children of color - and the last thing a child with an active father in their life needs is to know what it feels like to no longer have him around. If there’s room for repair, it’s imperative that mothers and fathers, whether together or not, work together to ensure that their children grow up knowing they’re loved and protected.

What do you think Centric fam? Are there exceptions for when a mother should keep her children away from their father?

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