Study: Black Women Are The Least Desired Dating Block [VIDEO]

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 04/10/2014 | 02:45 PM EDT

Online dating statistics find that most men prefer exotic women over Black women

Historically degraded and sexualized from slavery to today’s media, women of color often seem like they’re at the bottom of the totem pole of humanity. And as if we needed more proof, recent online dating statistics released in a video by Buzzfeed reveal that Black women are the least desired race among both White, Black, Latino and Asian men.

In the video entitled “Buzzfeed Presents: Do You Have A Racial Preference?” research data gathered from 2.4 million heterosexual interactions on the dating app, “Are You Interested (AYI)”, shows that Black men responded most to different races, despite the fact that Black women were three times more likely to reply back.


A similar study released by OkCupid found that Black women are the least replied to group, however, they are the most likely to respond - a quarter more often than other women to be exact.

The overall statistics revealed that most race and gender blocks, except for Black women, seem to have a preference for other races. Not surprisingly, all women responded most to White men except for Black women. Data also confirmed a level of White privilege, as White men and women were the most selective.

It’s not surprising that Black women are the least responded to online, considering the media and Hollywood’s glorification of European beauty. Even famous women of color like Beyonce seem to be praised because of their more European features. And if you thought the Kim Kardashian effect wasn’t real, statistics found that middle eastern women are “overwhelmingly” the most popular group with 1 in every 2 men writing back. Guess the whole “exotic” preference is a real phenomenon.


What does such numbers say about American society as it relates to race? Seems pretty bias, if you ask us.

What do you think of such statistics? Why do you think Black women are the least desired group?

Watch the video below:

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