Is Breaking Up Through Text Message Okay In Today's Digital Era?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/25/2014 | 09:30 AM EDT

The days of face-to-face breakups may be long behind us

Breaking up with someone is never an easy thing to do. But the real challenge is in deciding how to actually break up with your mate.

In today’s technology-driven, cell-phone-glued-to-hand world we live in today, more and more people are choosing to break up not in person...but via text message. Whether or not that’s a wise decision, however, is in question.

According to Rule 223 of Centric’s new dating comedy series, “According to Him & Her,” breaking up through text is fair game in the digital era. That, however, is up for debate.

No matter how long you’ve dated someone, at some point you made a mutual decision to exclusively date another person. With that commitment comes responsibility. No matter your reason for wanting to break up, you owe it to your lover to at least break the the news in person. While breaking up is difficult for the person doing the breaking up - as it can be hard shattering someone else’s heart if you have a little compassion - it’s just hard for the person being broken up with.

Having compassion is important. You’re already throwing them to the curb - why not give them the respect of at least doing it in person? Technology has made people lazy. Far too often people rely on texting to do things that should be handled the good old fashioned way. Breaking up with someone via text is no different than finding out someone died or that your friend got an STD in your inbox. It's just plain wrong.

All in all, breaking up through a text message is selfish and a huge cop out. Allow your mate the chance to have a little closure by communicating to them your grievances and giving the final blow…in person.

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