Are Exes Fair Game For Your Friends Once You're Married?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 03/26/2014 | 09:23 AM EDT

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Exes eventually become people you no longer have any emotional connection to. Other than the memories— both good and bad— everyone has moved on with a hopefully blissful life apart.

But moving on doesn’t necessarily mean you want to see your friend and ex show up to couple’s night together. If you're happily married, do all your exes then become fair game for your friends? “According to Him & Her” experts will chime in on the topic this Friday, March 28 at 9 p.m. EST.

Ideally, lots of people aren’t too keen on the idea of having shared the same partner as their friend. It could make for awkward brunches or guy/girl talk. Despite not wanting the person anymore you certainly don’t want to see your friend with them. The fact is, though, they could be soulmates.

One cannot hold any claims on exes once the relationship is over. If you’re happily married the furthest thing from your mind should be who your ex is or isn’t dating.

It didn’t work out for you two, but perhaps your ex and friend are totally compatible. If there are no feelings anymore (and there shouldn’t be once you’re married) what’s the big deal?

If it’s a matter of loyalty that’s completely understandable, but how realistic is it to claim someone...forever? Is your bestie not supposed to date your first love even though it was 15 years ago? While you’re enjoying marital bliss would you rather your friend stay single as to not date anyone their friend has ever dated, or have a fair shot of finding the love of their life?

Honestly, it boils down to friendships and how the two friends it involves will feel. If the friendship could never recover from dating a friend's ex, it’s probably best to take your chances on avoiding anyone they’ve ever dated.

In a perfect world we'd love if our friends never dated any of our exes, and we certainly wouldn't be interested in a friend's ex. It’s a respect and loyalty issue. However, if married, which is supposed to be forever, we're not so sure how staking claims on any exes, let alone ones from decades ago, seems reasonable.

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