When Is It OK to Pass Gas In Front of Your Mate?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/14/2014 | 05:00 PM EDT

Farting is embarrassing enough as it is, but working up the nerve to do it in front of your partner is a pivotal shift in a relationship

To let loose, or not to let loose - that is the question.

Whether or not to pass gas in the presence of your lover is one of the most debated topics in relationship chatter, so much so that there’s never a true consensus on what’s right or wrong. Some believe “farting” establishes a sense of comfortability and closeness in a relationship, while others argue it should always be done in private, no matter how long you’ve been with your mate.

No matter where you stand on the matter, what everyone can agree on is that if or when you do choose to let loose in front of your significant other, it becomes quite the turning point in a relationship. But when is an appropriate time to do it?

Though rule 62 of Centric’s original series “According to Him & Her” says it’s okay for your mate to fart after spending two nights together, for others that may be a little too soon.

In dating, most people like to keep a certain level of mystery because it keeps the sex appeal alive. There’s something attractive about not giving your mate too much too soon. Sometimes choosing too soon to do things like using the bathroom with the door open, burping or going a week without shaving can ruin the dynamic of a relationship, as most people like to think the person they’re with is a work of perfection, no matter how unrealistic it may be.

Ultimately, embarrassing topics like farting should be discussed with your partner. Do it casually just to pick their brain on how they feel about it. This should eliminate the anxiety of whether or not letting loose will change the way he or she thinks of you. While most people would rather feel their partner out or wait until they think it they’re most comfortable, having that dialogue will make things a lot less awkward.

But farting in the presence of your mate doesn’t have to be such a big deal. In most cases, if someone’s into you, passing gas will more than likely not be a deal breaker - unless of course you do it more often than you should, or it happens to smell atrocious.

To be on the safe side, follow the golden rule: excuse yourself to the bathroom, and then let loose. It’ll probably save you the trouble.

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