Was Porsha Williams Robbed In Divorce Settlement? [Commentary]

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/13/2014 | 01:15 PM EDT

After five years of marriage and being a housewife, the reality star walks away with nothing. Was it fair?

Everyone knows there are no guarantees when it comes to a divorce settlement with no prenup. But when news broke that reality star Porsha Williams walked away with nothing from her five-year marriage with NFL retiree Kordell Stewart but a Mercedes, her wedding ring and a few handbags, some people were shocked to say the least.

Williams, who agreed not to work and stay at home to be a full-time wife and part-time mom to Stewart’s son, not only got no alimony but she’s left to pay her own credit card balances, which were surely racked up with the idea in mind that her millionaire husband would help pay them off. Considering Williams lived a particular lifestyle during her half-decade-long marriage, you would think any judge would rule in her favor to get some form of alimony. Apparently the divorce gods had other plans.

But was the settlement a fair one?

Typically in Hollywood, the divorcee is well taken care of - at the very least paid a modest and appropriate amount of cash. And considering Williams (whose name was not on any property) and Stewart mutually agreed on her not working, not to mention she got accustomed to a lifestyle that was afforded by her husband at the time, you’d think Williams would’ve walked away with a little more. Obviously there’s something behind the scenes the public doesn’t know about that led to such a decision.

Even so, Stewart, who’s reportedly worth over $15 million, could have at least paid the woman’s credit card bills, not to mention there’s a level of pettiness to such a decision. But if the judge made the ruling guess it was fair, right?

Still, you can’t help but think Williams deserved a little more. It’s not like they got an annulment after only a few months of marriage. Five years is a significant chunk of your life given to another person (and their child), and should be rewarded accordingly.

But what probably hurt Williams is the fact that she decided to step into the limelight (which technically is work), and began making her own income. Considering she allegedly made six figures a season, the judge more than likely felt she could afford to take care of herself.

Nevertheless, by the looks of it Williams has bounced back just fine, as she frequently posts very expensive items on social media and is allegedly dating the son of a wealthy African dictator. Get it, Porsha.

Do you think Porsha Williams was robbed in her divorce settlement? Sound off.

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