The New Mom? Wanting Children With Or Without A Man

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 03/12/2014 | 01:45 PM EDT

Naomi Campbell says she plans on becoming a mom whether she has a man or not. Is this a growing trend among women?

Naomi Campbell recently revealed that she has every intention on becoming a mom, and she’ll do so with or without Mr. Right.

“I do want to have children, whether I have a man or not,” Campbell, 42, said during a radio interview. “I will have it on my own.”

Campbell’s comments come just after she split with her longtime boyfriend, billionaire Vladimir Doronin, but it looks like that won’t stop her from being the mother she always wanted to be.

In the modern era we live in today, where women are obtaining degrees and dominating the boardrooms at record numbers, a significant number of women are living the single life…and not by choice. Many are struggling to find the right man to settle down, delaying their plans of getting married and having children.

But like most things these days, traditions are being thrown out the window, as there appears to be a trend of women choosing to take matters into their own hands and have children at all cost - even if it means without a father.

Thanks to medical advances (and adoption), women don’t necessarily have to wait for a Prince Charming to come along in order to enjoy the comforts of motherhood. With sperm donors and In vitro fertilization, women can now take matters into their own hands to achieve pregnancy, which is especially useful for women of a particular age, such as Campbell, who do not carry as many active eggs later in life. Though women who choose to go the man-less route to motherhood probably would prefer to do it the old natural way, many are obliged to make such weighty decisions. It makes perfectly good sense, all considered.

What do you think? Should women turn to alternative methods to having children if they happen to not have a man in the picture?

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