What Would Gabby Do? The Benefits of Prenups

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 02/13/2014 | 02:30 AM EST

With nearly half of marriages ending in divorce, prenuptial agreements aren’t such a bad idea

Gabrielle Union may have forgiven her fiancé Dwyane Wade for fathering another child, but one thing she won’t compromise is her money. The actress’ decision to offer a prenup before her fairytale wedding is not only a smart one, but should be a model for women (and men) planning to tie the knot.

While the prenup debate has been a rather contentious one for many years, Union’s adamant co-sign adds to what appears to be a trend in Hollywood. Everyone from NeNe Leakes to Mariah Carey has signed a prenuptial agreement. Though the P word has acquired a negative connotation, there are great benefits to prenups.

The most common reason why couples sign prenups prior to marriage is to protect their assets. Considering the fact that roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, it isn’t such a bad idea to want to ensure that your possessions are not at the mercy of your potentially ex-husband, ex-wife.

Drafting up a prenuptial agreement isn’t the most romantic thing you can do in a relationship - but it’s not meant to be. When negotiating a prenup it’s not about romance, it’s about business, and the more you think of it as a strategic and smart business decision, the less painful it will be.

While “for better or for worse” may sound poetic, we live in the era of divorce, where people who think they found prince charming or the woman of their dreams, end up not only resenting their spouses, but in some cases, completely detesting them. So why not prepare yourself for the unknown?

Having a prenup also ensures that you and your significant other are wholeheartedly marrying for love and not for the wealth or the potential wealth that may be accumulated in the future. In addition, in the case that children are involved in the marriage, a prenup can also prevent your spouse from denying monies or assets you intended to give to your children in the case of a divorce.

But not all prenups are about keeping money and assets from your spouse. In some cases, partners are quite generous in their prenuptial agreements, as is allegedly the case with Jay-Z and Beyonce, in which Jay agrees to give certain monies and properties to Bey if they should ever split. Other spouses agree beforehand to provide spousal support.

A prenup may not be for everybody, but it’s surely an easy way to avoid conflict during a divorce if you should go down that road.

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