Is It Cliche To Propose, Get Married on Valentine’s Day?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/31/2014 | 02:30 PM EST

The lover’s holiday is not just a universal day for romance. For some, it’s a day for marriage and popping the question

February is right around the corner, which means many will be planning their Valentine’s Day festivities with their significant others, packed with dinner reservations, chocolate and, of course, the symbolic roses. But while everyone is gearing up to show how much their significant other means to them, you can bet others are taking it step a further by gearing up to either pop the question or jump the broom.

Getting married or proposed to on Valentine’s Day is a trend that has become almost a rite of passage. But as popular as the lover’s holiday has become, is it too cliche of a day to celebrate such an intimate and special occasion?

Why people mark this date on their calendar for such a traditional occasion is understandable. Valentine’s Day is symbolic for all things love related, so what better way to express your undying love than to do it on the day solely designated for romance?

But when you consider the significance of being proposed to or tying the knot, is it really a good idea to do so on the same day as thousands of others? Just imagine sharing your “good news” on Facebook only to see your entire timeline flooded with countless others posting pics of their romantic night out with their significant other. In many ways it steals your thunder.

, however, do not have as much value as wedding nuptials, therefore if your boyfriend decides to pop the question on Valentine’s Day it wouldn’t be so bad, and for all intent and purpose is just as romantic as any other day. A proposal is a proposal no matter how you slice it.

But for weddings, Valentine’s Day may not be the most opportune time. Not only is everyone not paying your special day any mind, but many venues charge extra money to host weddings on such a day - it’s a brilliant and obvious tactic to capitalize on the holiday. Your wedding day should be one that is your own, not one that’s celebrated by the entire world.

Nonetheless, how and when you choose to get married or propose to your lover is entirely up to you. No matter when you choose to, it’s most certainly an occasion you’ll never forget.

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