Will And Jada Celebrate 16th Anniversary In Dubai With Tyrese And Maxwell

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 01/03/2014 | 02:37 PM EST

The Smiths celebrate 16 years of marriage!

The Smiths celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Now that's how you ignore and silence divorce rumors without saying a word.

It has to be awesome to be Jada and Will Smith, if only for the fact you have insanely talented friends like Maxwell and Tyrese who will sing to you on your anniversary. Maxwell posted a few videos of Tyrese playing the piano while Maxwell sang some hilarious lyrics.

“16 years of picking up your socks when I didn’t want to/16 years of buying your feminine products when I didn’t want to.”

Will even jumped on the piano, but thankfully he’ll be keeping his day job. Jada posted a short message on Facebook about appreciating the 16 years she’s shared with her hubby.

"This year has started with much reflection and gratitude considering the holidays has had its share of loss. This New Year's Eve, I celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary in Dubai. Those 16 years meant a hell of a lot considering I was not allowed to forget how short life truly is. I want to thank Tyrese, Maxwell and all our friends in Dubai for creating such an exuberant celebration for our anniversary. It meant everything…

Btw...I hope the world at some point will be able to experience the joy of witnessing Tyrese and Maxwell singing together, because it is not a game;)"

How sweet! The couple’s celebration comes amidst rumors of divorce and infidelity. We hope in 2014, the Smiths can live free of marital rumors.

(Photo: Tyrese via Instagram)

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