7 Ways To Be A Better Spouse In 2014

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 01/02/2014 | 02:30 PM EST

For the new year, show your lover how much they mean to you

Though everyone is on a mission to become a better version of themselves for the new year, some inadvertently forget to be better to the ones they love. Because love is what makes the world go round, this year you may want to make being a better spouse to your significant other a priority in your life.

As naturally narcissistic people, we tend to take our relationships for granted. Particularly in the case that you’ve been with your spouse for a long period of time, you may often find yourself falling into the trap of predictability. But playing it safe is boring, and a relationship without romance and spontaneity is as deadly as they come. To avoid being in an unfulfilling relationship, make the commitment to be a better spouse. But just in case you need a few tips, Centric has seven ways you can make your significant other fall in love with you all over again.

Weekly Date Night

Don’t get so caught up with life and work that you forget to wine and dine your spouse. No matter what stage of the relationship you’re in or how long you’ve been together, date nights are absolutely necessary - especially if you have children. Dedicate one night out of the week for you and your partner to go out, whether it be to see a movie or dine at a five-star restaurant. What’s most important is that you and your lover are able to enjoy each other’s company outside of your normal surroundings (work, home, etc.). If you want to make it more interesting, try adding a theme to each date such as game night at a bowling alley or “Paris” at a french bistro.

Renew Your Vows

If you’re married, one of the best ways to revitalize your relationship is to renew your vows. While nothing tops your actual wedding day, doing it all over again will help remind you and your partner why you got married in the first place. Sometimes hearing your partner re-committing their vows, even if only for symbolic purposes, can reignite a much needed spark in your union.

Empower Your Spouse

If there’s a dream or goal your spouse is trying to achieve, don’t just be an idle bystander. Empower him or her to go after what they want, but also remember to help in anyway possible. Remember that you’re a unit and that if one is successful at something, so is the other. You’re only as strong as the person by your side.

Write Love Letters

Though it’s pretty much a forgotten art form, writing love letters can be very impactful on any relationship. While telling someone you love them is great, nothing says it more than a written soliloquy on how much they mean to you. Letters allow you to dig deep and fully capture the love you have for your partner, not to mention it’s something your lover can keep forever. Words on paper tend to capture things you tend to not say in person, and it’s also a therapeutic way for you to get more in touch with your feelings.

Daily Affirmations

Don’t think for one second that simply being with your partner is enough validation of your love. Remind your partner every day what you think about them. Tell them they’re beautiful or handsome, compliment their outfits and, most importantly, tell them how you love them. They say actions speak louder than words, but it doesn’t mean hearing them isn’t necessarily effective.

Pillow Talk

With all that goes on in a day, it’s easy to get home, crawl up in your bed and fall asleep. But when you’re in a relationship or marriage, you have a responsibility to your partner. Rather than going straight to sleep, use the time you have with your partner in bed to having much needed pillow talk. You can debrief your day or simply take time out to talk about things you wouldn’t normally have the time to speak about. It’s also a great way to get to know your partner better. No matter how long you’ve been with a person, you can never know too much. Communication is the foundation of any relationship.

Listen More

Sometimes people do so much talking that they forget to listen. Whether it’s a discussion at the dinner table or in the midst of an argument, always make it a habit to listen to your partner and their needs and concerns. By doing so, you’ll make your partner feel valued and empowered and, in turn, it creates a happier environment in your relationship.

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