Should Relationships Be Kept Off Social Media?

Life & Love | Bené Viera | 12/31/2013 | 12:29 PM EST

To post your boo or not post your boo on social media, that is the question.

It was all good just a week ago between the Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. The huge rock he'd proposed with was posted on social media for the world to see. Only seven days later Dwyane Wade had confirmed he fathered a child outside of the happy couple’s relationship.

Through Instagram pictures, tweets and red carpet photos the public marveled at the beautiful brown pair without a clue about the inner workings of the relationship. People were happy Union had finally received her ring after years of sticking by D. Wade through custody battles and ex-wife drama. Days later revealed a one month old son by an unidentified woman, and the engagement was quickly overshadowed.

Selfies, snapshots, intimate moments, upload. It's as habitual as the daily task of bathing. Celebs are no different. Ciara posted a picture of herself with two of Future’s three baby mamas and called them “family.” Because she put it out there people had commentary, good and bad. The same is happening with Union and Wade.

The private lives of celebrities can only be kept a secret for so long, but it can be accomplished. Janet Jackson’s marriage, Beyoncé’s miscarriage and Kerry Washington’s marriage were all kept on the low for a while. How the public reacts to celebrities personal matters in their lives has us asking: Should relationships in general be kept off social media?

It has been argued that keeping your relationship off social media causes less drama. There’s less room for speculation and folks can’t offer an opinion on what they don’t see. It also makes sense that you want to keep some of the most important aspects of your life to yourself. The problem though, with the anti-relationships on social media crowd, is they sit high and mighty usually expressing their opinions with disdain. “I don’t put my relationship on social media” is always said as if they want a prize for not doing so.

The reasons why one shouldn’t display their relationship on social media can be true, but are also faulty. The “keep folks out of your business” as it relates to social media (in general we agree with this statement) fails because a picture doesn’t tell anything. Someone could post five pictures of their significant other a day and onlookers still wouldn’t know one solitary thing about the relationship. Also, the argument that social media ruins relationships or causes drama is only halfway true. Social media can add an additional unnecessary strain to the relationship, but it’s not social media, it’s what the individuals are doing on social media. If your man in “liking” booty shots every day, that can’t be blamed on social media. That’s all him.

The stakes are higher for celebrities. Everything a star does is watched under a microscope. Their lives are subject to public opinion. It’s totally understandable for the rich and famous to want to keep their private lives private. And wanting to share one's love with the world should also be acceptable.

There’s no scientific proof that if couple X kept their relationship off social media it would’ve panned out differently, and couple Y lasted because they did keep it off social media. There are examples that will defy both scenarios. The FLOTUS and POTUS definitely tweet one another gushy happy birthday messages and they've been married 21 years.

Every single person loves and expresses love differently. There are no absolutes or guarantees. Singles, couples and married folks have the freedom to do what makes them happy. If one wants to take selfies with their boo on Instagram like Cici or completely keep their husband private like Kerry Washington, let folks do what works for them.

Do you think relationships should be kept off social media? Let us know your thoughts!

(Photos from left: Dwyane Wade via Instagram, Ciara via Instagram)

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