Does a Ring Change The Dynamics In a Relationship?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 12/04/2013 | 10:00 AM EST

Engagements sometimes have a greater impact than we think

While an engagement ring is often known as a symbolic expression of one’s love and commitment to be married, that round piece of jewelry can sometimes have a far greater impact on a relationship than we think.

Engagement rings are not only traditional, but can be viewed as conspicuous displays of one’s romance, all for the world to see. However, what appears to be an innocent representation of one’s life-long commitment can sometimes change the dynamics of a relationship for better or for worse.

In some instances, a ring can give a partner a sense of entitlement. This can cause him or her to feel as if their fiance or fiancee is officially locked into the relationship, and that there’s no way of losing them. This way of thinking could be unnerving, particularly in the case that the partner gets complacent or begins to act out without fear or repercussions.

It’s important to understand that a ring does not magically create or sustain harmony in a relationship. However, it can most certainly provide a level of comfort or happiness that allows two partners to live more harmoniously - there’s a huge difference. A ring can most certainly create more of a foundation in a relationship (if the couple is ready and mature enough for marriage). In some relationships, mates are more willing and able to compromise or give in because there’s a level of security that comes along with an engagement.

But like marriage, a ring is not a fix-me-upper. If your relationship is in poor condition prior to an engagement, a ring will most certainly not seal any cracks. Issues relating to jealousy, infidelity or bad communication will continue to exist unless you or your partner actively work on them or seek counseling. A ring cannot change that. Engagements should be an illustration of an already healthy and loving relationship, not an attempt to mask or conceal existing woes.

So does a ring change the dynamics in a relationship? The simple answer: possibly. But that depends on a couple by couple basis.

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