Is There Life in a Marriage After Infidelity?

Life & Love | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 12/03/2013 | 11:30 AM EST

Cheating can sometimes be the final nail in the coffin

Trina Braxton’s estranged husband, Gabriel Adrian-Solis, recently filed legal documents challenging her right to divorce, according to TMZ. Earlier this year, Braxton filed for divorce, stating that their 10-year marriage was “irretrievably broken,” in which both spouses admitted to cheating on the other.

In his counter filing, Solis argues that whatever is wrong with their marriage, it can be fixed, and is asking the court to release a judicial declaration that reconciliation is possible. In the past, the couple have gone back and forth in their publicized relationship, which included Solis having cybersex with other women.

Marital strife is nothing new under the sun for many couples. But can a marriage survive the pitfalls of infidelity?

Cheating is not exactly a rare phenomenon. Many married couples choose to give love a fighting chance despite one partner’s (or both) lack of fidelity, while others do not. Just look at the demise of Halle Berry’s marriage with Eric Benet, who famously admitted to having a sex addiction.

But in the case that a cheating partner wants to make it work, should one be so forgiving? Overall, that is a personal decision. No one knows your relationship better than you. However, choosing to make a marriage work after infidelity should be determined based on a few caveats, like marriage counseling and the assurance that the unfaithful spouse is legitimately sorry. Sometimes infidelity is really a sign of a lack in emotional support or sexual fulfillment.

Communicating to your partner why you cheated can sometimes lead to redemption and forgiveness. But the spouse who has been violated has to be assured that the infidelity isn’t habitual. If the love is strong enough, a marriage can certainly survive. However, being cheated on can sometimes lead you to the land of no return. The emotional turmoil one goes through after their partner has violated their trust can be far too much to bear. Coming back from infidelity is not an easy road to embark - only the strong survive.


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